Doctors caution against buying breast milk online

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - You can pretty much buy anything online these days—including breast milk.

Even though it's the preferred method to feed babies, it may not be the best way to buy it.

With a  simple click, ounces of breast milk can be shipped to doorsteps around the country. But doctors are warning many to beware—there's a catch.

Investigators at Nationwide Children's Hospital in Ohio took more than 100 samples of milk they purchased online and noticed a few extra ingredients. The longer it took to ship, the more they found.

"Staphylococcus bacteria, streptococcus bacteria, coliform bacteria, that would include bacteria like e. Coli," Dr. Sarah Keim said.

Experts said there is no way to kill the bacteria and if you do need to find outsourced breast milk, head to a milk bank instead. There, they pasteurize the milk, which is safer for your baby.

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