Family wants more accessible defibrillators

LAWRENCE, Kan. - A Lawrence family wants to make defibrillators more accessible after they nearly lost their son.

Jake Leet collapsed last week during his performance of "Shrek" in a Lawrence theater.

Doctors later discovered he has a rare disorder, causing the 20-year-old to go into cardiac arrest. Doctors say it's a disorder few survive.

Leet's family says it was a miracle that an audience member had medical training. The audience member saved Leet's life, as they waited for a defibrillator to arrive.

On Saturday, the Leets held an "I'm Alive" party for Jake.

"In so many cases, the kid doesn't get to live, and it's awful," Jake said. "I don't want to see that happen to anybody. I didn't get to experience what I went through like everyone else did, but I've heard from other people, and I don't want anyone else to have to experience that."

The family was about to raise $1,200 at Saturday's party. Two AEDs were also donated.

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