Fit people are turned down at Dallas gym

DALLAS, Texas - Gym memberships usually soar in January after the holiday season, but there's one place in Dallas, Texas, where fit people aren't welcome.

Downsize Fitness requires everyone who enters to step on the scale.

It's only for those who are obese and need to drop at least 50 lbs. Those who don't meet this requirement can't sign up for a membership.

There are also no mirrors inside the gym, which include frosted windows for privacy.

The owners realized fitness clubs often scare away people who need the most help.

"It's not inspirational to look at other people in half-uniforms, showing off their bodies, showing off their abs. And I'm sure you don't want to see me in a half uniform. Showing off what abs you can find," member Latrice Irwin said.

Downsize Fitness is one of only three across the country, including locations in Las Vegas and Chicago.