Foods & drinks that can help cure a hangover

BALTIMORE - Partying and having fun on New Year's Eve is something most people like to do.

However, if you drink too much, there are some foods and drinks that will help you get over that dreaded hangover.

Julia Zumpano, a registered dietitian at Cleveland Clinic says the road to recovery starts with hydration.

She says when you have a hangover, you're dehydrated and your electrolyte level gets low.

Here are a couple tips that can help!

•Zumpano suggests you have a sports drink before going off to bed or as soon as you get up to help replace those electrolytes.
•Foods like Salmon may also help.
•Zumpano says there is some evidence that the fructose in fruits may help the alcohol out of your system a bit faster.
•She also recommends bland foods such as bread, rice, apples, toast and bananas.
•Zumpano suggests you try a gingerbread cookie if your stomach feels uneasy on New Year's Day. Studies have shown ginger can help to decrease nausea.

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