Keeping your family safe from household poisons

BONNER SPRINGS, KS - National Poison Prevention Week is underway and local agencies work to get to get the word out about possible hazards.

The Poison Control Center at the University of Kansas Hospital said It's important to lock up chemicals and medications and keep them away from children.

"Easter is coming up. We go to grandma and granddad's house sometimes. They may have little pill reminders setting around the house. Look for those get them out of reach. Don't let them get a hold of that stuff," said Daling McMoran, an educator with the Poison Control Center.

As for adults, gloves, safety goggles and masks should be used when handling chemicals.

"Protect your body when it comes to handling these things that way you're going to prevent the possibility of being exposed," McMoran said.

Maggie Crowder, a Bonner Springs resident, said she had a scare after handling Calcium Lime and Rust remover without gloves.

"I read the directions on the bottle and it said to wear rubber gloves. I did not wear rubber gloves. I thought, ‘oh I won't bother it will be alright.' I was working and working and then later on I started getting really sick and I thought, 'I wonder if I poisoned myself through that CLR since I didn't wear gloves through my skin or something.'"

Crowder called the Poison Control Center. After her asking a series of questions, the center determined Crowder hadn't been poisoned. McMoran says 85 percent of their calls are safely managed at home.

"What we want people to do is if it is not a life threatening emergency if the person is breathing and conscious, call us first. We can walk through and ask them several questions to see how they are and what's going on before we determine if they need to go to the emergency room," he said.

If you suspect poisoning, you can call 800-222-1222.

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