Mayo Clinic Study revealed more Americans are taking prescription drugs

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A new Mayo Clinic study revealed that more Americans are taking prescription drugs. St. Luke's Hospital Internist, Dr. Brent Beasley, believes obesity is one of the reasons for the increase.

Dr. Beasley explained that people who are obese are at greater risk for high blood pressure and diabetes which can be debilitating or even deadly.

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"So physicians are giving more medication to patients to try to treat the obesity, the diabetes and the hypertension to prevent those long term outcomes," Dr. Beasley explained.

The Mayo Clinic study showed that that the top three prescriptions are painkillers called opiats which can be addictive; antibiotics and antidepressants. One in four women in the U.S. is taking an antidepressant.

Dr. Beasley advises his patients dealing with depression to also seek therapy or find some way to reduce the stresses in their lives.

The findings in the study show that for every 10 Americans, 7 are taking one prescription. It also discovered that five in 10 Americans are taking two prescription drugs.

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