No laws in place to remedy bed bug problems

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Tape covers the walls of a Kensington Height's apartment rented by Patricia Andrews. She said each piece of tape shows where she caught a bed bug.

"The bathroom walls, the kitchen walls everywhere it's infested," said Andrews.

She said she was forced to go to the emergency room last week, because of the bites.

'I get up and the left side of my face is swollen; The bed bugs had ate me up," said Andrews.

Andrews complained to apartment management and to the Kansas City Health Department, but she still had the infestation Sunday night.

"They get in my grand baby's pampers that is how bad it is," said Andrews.

Kansas City Health Department officials said they received complaints about the bed bugs at Kensington Heights in 2011. 

Owners of the building said they have taken steps to rid the building of the pests in the past.  The landlords have no legal obligation to act on the bed bugs.

"The main reason is that bed bugs don't spread disease," said KCMO Health Department employee Michael Swoyer.

He said bed bugs are often spread through old furniture.  Swoyer said it's important to check used furniture before you buy.

"It's like a hurricane or flood it's a problem you have and you just have to deal with it," said Swoyer.

Andrews said her apartment manager plans to have a professional crew in the building this week.

Health Department officials said they received fewer than fifty bed bug complaints last year.

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