Prairie Village man upset after KanCare cuts back his personal coverage

PRAIRIE VILLAGE, Kan. - A disable Prairie Village man says the state of Kansas is destroying his ability to be a good father. He said changes in the state's Medicaid program mean he will no longer get the care he needs to stay alive

Finn Bullers has a rare form of muscular dystrophy that destroys his ability to walk and breathe on his own. In two weeks, his around the clock care is set to drop to 40 hours a week

"The state is saying I need four apples to survive and we're going to give you one," Bullers said.

For Bullers, a reduction in care could cost him his life.

"Unfortunately, my reality is if this tube comes off, I've got a minute and half and I'm dead," he said.

In January of this year, the state of Kansas moved 380,000 people into KanCare and reevaluated the amount of care patients/clients received.

The state said under the old Medicaid system, many Kansans were getting more services than they needed-- while some were not getting enough.

The state would not comment on the specifics of Buller's case, but did say his situation has been reviewed and the state is comfortable with his reduction in care.

"A reduction in care by such a drastic degree means that I cannot be the father that I want to be to my children," Bullers argued.

And for his wife Anne and the sole breadwinner of the family, the state's decision is a weight she can't bear.

"If this were a world where I could stay home and I could take care of my husband and I didn't have to worry about feeding my kids and having insurance and all of that, that might be an option. But it's not an option if I want those things for my family," Anne said.

The Bullers have appealed the state's decision and now wait for an answer

"I have something to contribute to this world and I don't want the state to take that away from me," Bullers said.

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