Spinal cord injury survivors get a Day at the Lake

The event is in its 19th year

SMITHVILLE LAKE, Mo. - For Bill Cumpton, it was just another day at the lake.  In his case, it meant a day to water.

But for him, that's no ordinary feat.  He lost the use of his legs in a hunting accident 30 years ago. 

Being in a wheelchair hasn't prevented him from leading an active life, though. 

"There's a lot of things I can't do," he said, "But there's a lot of things I can do."

Besides water skiing, he's gone hunting, fishing and scuba diving.

With the help of volunteers, Cumpton and 34 other former patients of the Kansas City Rehabilitation Institute  enjoyed a day of water sports at Smithville Lake. 

KCRI partnered with Ameristar Casino to put on the 19th annual Day at the Lake on Friday. 

Most of the participants are spinal cord injury survivors.  Each of them got help from three volunteers to water ski, kayak, canoe ride on a pontoon boat.

Cumpton said he has learned to use his arms in new ways to compensate for the loss of his legs. 

"There's always going to be someone who's better off then you are," he said, "And there's always going to be someone who's worse off."

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