St. Luke's sets new heart transplant record

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - St. Luke's cardiac transplant program set a new record in 2012.

Last year, 47 transplants were performed, surpassing 2010's record of 43. Patients at St. Luke's, which has the only adult cardiac transplant center in Kansas City, have higher survival rates than the national average.

"Practice does make perfect," said Dr. Michael Borkon, surgical director of cardiac transplantation at St. Luke's. "When you're able to literally every week do a heart transplant, you stay in shape, you stay tuned in to your team and sharp and your team is hungry. You're ready to go again."

Since the program was created in 1985, more than 570 patients have received transplants.

"It is an amazing feeling for the team to be surrounded by victories of each one of the patients we've managed," Borkon said.

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