University of Kansas Hospital prepares for flood of patients suffering from heat and humidity

KANSAS CITY, Kan. - One month ago Kansas City was dealing with snow. Now, hot weather is here. Dr. Norman Lee,  Chief Medical Officer at the University of Kansas Hospital, said It can be dangerous unless you do the right thing.

"The heat alone is not the problem, it's the combination of high temperatures and high humidity," explained Dr. Norman.

"Children and the elderly and people with medical conditions are at higher risk of having heat related illnesses," Dr. Norman said.

Staying in the shade, wear light colored clothing, and drinking plenty of fluids is critical to helping your body cool off.

If you begin to feel lightheaded or dizzy Dr. Norman said it's important to find a shady place to sit and cool down.

If you develop a severe headache and you find you cannot cool down he said it's time to get to the hospital you may be suffering from heat stroke or heat exhaustion. 

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