Kansas City police wrongful death lawsuit: Jury selection held Tuesday

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Jury selection got underway Tuesday morning for a wrongful death trial involving Kansas City police officers.

Angela Davis is suing on behalf of her deceased 26-year-old son.

Davis will try to prove in court over the next several days that the officers who shot her son used "outrageous force".

Back in May 2008, 26-year-old Terry Davis was shot and killed by a Kansas City police officer near 26th and Jackson.

Court records reveal Davis was the passenger in a stolen car. Officers stopped that car in the 1700 block of Van Brunt Boulevard.

As the officers walked up to the car, the driver sped away. Davis later jumped out of the car near the 2600 block of Norton Avenue and took off running.  He cut through a vacant lot and came face-to-face with an officer.

The officer says Davis pointed a gun at him as they stood less than two feet apart.  The officer fired, killing Davis.

The trial is expected to fully get underway Wednesday, once a jury is selected.

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