Light it up like the Fourth of July! Be sure to turn your home's lights on when you stage your home

Light that house up!!! I am talking about every room light fixture and lamp that you own. It is so important that you turn on lights for showings when you are trying to sell your house.

I know this sounds like another annoying Realtor request. I get it: it is a task to run around, to each floor, in every room AND closet, turning on lights. But, never fear, you will become quite skilled at it! Before you know it, you will be flying through the house flippin' switches like a pro.

Having every room lit up like the fourth-of-freaking July will make such a difference to buyers viewing your home. How, you might ask? What is this voodoo realtor trick of yours!?!?!

Well, first of all, the basement storage room will not look so scary. Very few people enjoy walking through a dark creepy basement, squinting to try and locate a pull chain on a hanging light, or possibly a light switch. It can feel a little like a scene from a horror movie. Quick Pro Tip: When someone is looking at your house and considering buying it, YOU DO NOT WANT THEM TO FEEL LIKE THEY ARE IN A HORROR MOVIE. Not ever, not even for one second. :) With the lights already on, it will be so much easier for buyers to just pop their head in that basement room, take a look, see that there is plenty of room for storage, and move on to the finer areas of your home.

Turning lights on is also a great way to highlight an upgrade. When you have under-cabinet lights in the kitchen on for showings, buyers are bound to notice them!

The glow of the lights will also add warmth to the rooms and make them feel homier. While you may enjoy relaxing in your family room or den with dim mood lighting, this doesn't really shine the best light on the merchandise. When you are trying to sell that family room or den, you want it to SPARKLE BABY SPARKLE! The space needs all the light you can provide. So yes, please turn on the lamps, too! They can really make all the difference in setting the tone for a room.

One final point: when buyers and their agents are touring the homes I have listed for sale, I want them to be at total ease, in an environment that allows them to stroll effortlessly from room to room, basking in the beauty of your home. You do not want them shifting their focus to hunt down a light switch. Make it easy for buyers to fall in love with your home.

It sounds a bit silly, but it can really make all the difference!

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