2013 KC Air Show canceled

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The Mid-America Youth Aviation Association decided Saturday morning to cancel the 2013 Air Show.

The Blue Angels had to cancel their August performance at the Kansas City show, in addition to more than 300 shows around the country, because of the sequester.

Once the Blue Angels canceled, the board had to decide whether to continue the show without the popular performance. The board made the decision to cancel.

Ed Noyallis founded the air show event 22 years ago. He says Saturday's decision was one of the toughest  he and his board has ever had to make, "Everybody is disappointed. We don't have any cure for it".

Officials say the economic impact of cancelling the show will be near $2 million. Approximately 25% of the 75,000 annual attendees come from more than 50 miles outside of Kansas City.

"It's a big loss to our community, our region and the metropolitan area", Noyallis added.

Blue Angels released a statement earlier this week that stated: "Recognizing budget realities, current defense policy states that outreach events can only be supported with local assets at no cost to the government."

People who pre-bought tickets online to the KC Aviation Expo and Air Show will get a refund on their credit cards within the next few weeks.

The Mid-America Youth Aviation Association still plans to host the Kids Aviation Adventure Day on August 10. The event provides EAA Young Eagles flights for children ages 8-17 and Scout Aviation merit badge classes.


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