33,000 Missourians will be affected by falling off fiscal cliff

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - If Congress doesn't extend unemployment benefits, many could lose them. It would be the first time since the recession that an extension hasn't passed, so many in Kansas and Missouri who are unemployed are assuming the benefits are staying put.

The unemployed don't look at it as just a paycheck from the government. They look at it as one of their only lifelines to find a way to survive financially until they get that next job.

In his 25 years with the Full Employment Council, Clyde McQueen has seen how important these extended benefits are to unemployed Missourians.

"These UI payments are very critical because they will help them pay for their gas to and from their job search into and from their first day of work until they get paid," McQueen said.

Missouri Department of Labor put together a video full of information on how the fiscal cliff will affect the unemployed in the state. Watch it below:

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