7th grader on a mission to read a book a day for entire school year

LIBERTY, Mo. - How many books have you read since August 24? A 7th grader from Heritage Middle School in Liberty can say he's read a book a day.

"I just browse through the books that would interest me and other people and I just read one a day. It's sort of fun," Harrison Gates said.

The books Harrison choses can be up to 300 pages.

"A lot of the students say, ‘You are sort of crazy for reading a book a day. Why would you read that much?' I just say because it's fun. I actually like to read," Gates said.

His parents are both teachers in the Liberty School District. They taught Harrison how to read at an early age.

"I thought that it was really cool that I could read whenever other kids didn't, so I guess I just kept that love of reading," he said.

Harrison created a blog to go with it called "Searching for the perfect book."

He credits his mom for giving him the idea to blog his review of each one. School leaders have taken notice including his school's principal Scott Carr.

"I've read his reviews you couldn't write reviews like that just skimming or reading the back of the cover. He legitimately is reading these books," Carr said.

Harrison expects he'll keep this up until at least the end of the school year. 

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