92-year-old doesn't let cold stop him from doing his job

KANSAS CITY, Kan. - The cold weather isn't stopping a 92-year-old man from helping make sure children get to school safely.

Thomas Estes Senior spends a couple of hours a day at 25th and Wood in Kansas City, Kan., as a crossing guard.

During the frigid cold weather, he wears a couple pairs of pants and two pairs of gloves just to stay warm.

"Most time I run and get in my car to try and keep warm," he said.

He loves waving at people passing by and for 18 years, he's been a friendly sight to children who rely on him to get to school.

"When we send substitute crossing guards to a location as Mr. Thomas's location, the kids always inquire, ‘Where's Mr. Thomas?" Division Manager Rhonda Green said.

Estes moved to Kansas City to get work to clean up the city when the floods of 1951 hit. He eventually ended up staying in the city and married his wife of 58 years.

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