A car company could end up saving a KC drive-in theater from closing for good

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The countdown is on for a local drive-in to convert to digital or face shutting down.

The conversion will cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

So when Honda announced its "Don't Let Them Go Dark" Campaign where it will give away a digital projector to the top 5 drive-ins in the United States, the I-70 Drive-In saw a chance to survive.

The forced conversion to digital costs about $80,000 per screen. The I-70 Drive-In has four screens for a total cost of $320,000. And their deadline may be as soon as the end of this year.

"It means the drive-in would simply shut down, and go dark, and we'd be out of business," said Daryl Smith, owner of the I-70 Drive-In.

To raise the money they've created shirts commemorating next year's 50th Anniversary and raised ticket prices slightly.

"If the price is too high then folks couldn't afford to come and we'd rather folks come and have a good time at the drive-in," Smith said.

With the money they've raised over the past year, they think they have enough to convert one screen. But it's not enough.

To vote and for more on the contest click here. To learn more about the I-70 Drive-in click here.

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