National survivor's group asks Bishop Robert Finn to resign

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A national survivor's group is calling for Bishop Robert Finn to resign from the Catholic Diocese of Kansas City - St. Joseph. The group believes Finn's criminal conviction leaves him unfit to lead diocese.

Kristine Ward is the chair of the National Survivor Advocates Coalition (NSAC). She and a group of demonstrators met at Barney Allis Plaza to lay out their demand and march to the the Kansas City - St. Joseph diocese.

Ward called for Catholics to send a message with their feet and their wallets.

"We are asking them to not give their money in collection baskets until Bishop Finn resigns," Ward said. "Put it in escrow or give it directly to survivor organizations."

NSAC supporters met Finn supporters in front of the diocese offices. Finn supporters, like Tessa Hatler, want Finn to stay.

"The responsibility does go up to the top, but he defends a huge area of Kansas City and St. Joseph" Hatler said. "It is understandable that he wouldn't know every single thing that is going on in his parish at all times. I think as soon as he knew what was wrong, he did talk to the police about it."

Now, it's up to the Catholic church, parishioners and Bishop Finn to decide if he should continue to lead the diocese.

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