Parent: Topless photo of female student circulating among students at Northland middle school

Students face possibilty of child porn charges

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A parent contacted 41 Action News after learning from her daughter that an inappropriate picture of another student was being shared over a social networking site.

41 Action News has learned an eighth grade student at New Mark Middle School discovered a private picture she sent another student ended up on an Instagram photo feed.

We contacted the North Kansas City School District about the incident. A spokesperson told me since it didn't happen on school grounds or with school equipment, there is nothing they can do.
After several phone calls, we got a hold of the teen accused of sharing the nude photo. We are not identifying him because he is a minor, but he said he received the picture from another student and he deleted it. He said he didn't share it.

The parent who contacted us said her next step is going to police about this incident.

We will continue to follow this and bring you any updates on 41 Action News and

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