Piece of the I-35 bridge over Southwest Boulevard fell on a woman's car Wednesday morning

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Barbara Varanka was driving about 30 mph on her way to breakfast at about 7:30 a.m. Wednesday when a piece of concrete slammed into her windshield.

She was heading south on Southwest Blvd. and as she drove under I-35, a piece of the overpass fell onto her car, smashing her windshield and denting her hood.

"It was just a huge boom," Varanka said. "I saw all the glass crack. I kind of froze. I didn't know what to do."

Clarkson Construction is repairing that part of the interstate, and crews were out Wednesday examining parts of the overpass that had fallen on to the busy roadway.

"The reason why MoDOT is replacing this bridge is because the roadway is starting to fall apart," Project Manager Rich Markey said. "We investigate every morning and make sure anything loose is taken down, but once you start work you just don't really know what may happen."

Varanka wasn't hurt but hopes more precautions are taken to prevent future crashes.

Markey said his company is waiting for Varanka to file a claim and will then look in to what caused the piece of the overpass to fall.

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