Back after life-saving surgery, Boi enjoys a Missouri summer

KANSAS CITY, Missouri - First they saved his life. Then they made him part of their families.

Two women who volunteer for Medical Missions Foundation continue to care for a little boy they rescued from certain death after meeting him nearly three years ago in a an African medical clinic.

Back then the little boy named Boi had little time and even less hope. A benign tumor that started on his cheek had taken over his face, destroying his teeth and gums and nearly covering his airway.

A network of fast acting volunteers got Boi to Kansas City in time to save his life with a marathon surgery that required rebuilding his little face. He went home to Mali, Africa. But this summer, he came back.

“I can’t imagine life without him,” said Dr. Tammy Neblock-Beirne one of the volunteers who found him in the African clinic. “It has been a wonderful experience for our families.”

Boi spent the summer swimming, water skiing, and riding his bike with Neblock-Beirne, and her husband and children.

Boi also visited California with Abigail Hayo, another volunteer. He visited Branson, Missouri with Hayo and her two sons.

His favorite part of this summer vacation in America? “Rollercoaster,” said Boi.

As summer draws to a close, Boi is returning home to his small village in Mali. As kids here go back to school, Boi will now have the chance to attend class in a new school built with funds raised by Neblock-Beirne and Hayo.

And it is possible Boi will come back to Kansas City next summer.

“Let’s say we are planning one year at a time,” said Hayo. I can’t tell you what his future will bring. I hope it brings everything that he wants and I hope it will include coming here to visit us and our families. “

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