After three years apart, daughter back safely in her father's arms

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - For three years, she bounced from town to town, living in motels and not attending school, so that her mother and abductor could avoid detection.

But tonight all that is over, and 13-year-old Lillie Warren is home again with her father in Kansas City.

"It doesn't feel like reality," Lillie told reporters on Tuesday. "It feels like I can't believe it. "

Warren's mother Carla Osborne took the girl for a weekend visit in June 2010 and never returned. Her father William Warren spent years trying to prove custody and convince police to investigate.

This April, KCPD opened an investigation and in August, charges were filed by the Jackson County Prosecutor. A tip led U.S. Marshals to the Oklahoma City suburb of Edmond, Okla., where they found Lillie and Osborne living with a near-stranger who took them in.

Warren and his wife Barbara traveled to Oklahoma on Tuesday morning to pick Lillie up, who he said talked the whole drive home about school, home and her Playstation.

Tuesday night's reunion was an emotional one for father and daughter, who spoke for the first time in more than three years just the night before.

"Just a simple hug from him and I know everything will be alright," Lillie told 41 Action News. "That's my father right here."

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