Angel Quilt makes stop at Union Station, raises money for pediatric cancer research

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A unique way to raise money for cancer research made its way to Union Station in Kansas City, Mo., on Saturday.

The Angel Quilt tours the nation raising money for pediatric cancer research.

Fifteen-year-old Malcolm Sutherland-Foggio founded the organization in charge of the quilt, called "Make Some Noise," five years ago when he was diagnosed.

Sutherland-Foggio says only 3 percent of money raised for cancer research goes to pediatric cancer.

He says he hopes that more than 100 pictures on the quilt will give a face to the problem.

"Let the country know that we are losing real kids, not just numbers, these were all incredible kids, they could have grown up to be doctors, teachers, scientist's leaders so we have no idea who we've lost," he said.

To help, you can donate at Union Station or by visiting the organization's website.

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