Are red light cameras making Kansas City streets safer?

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Red light cameras are good at catching speeders in the act but are cameras making Kansas City streets safer?

The simple answer, according to police, is no.

The police department presented the findings Tuesday during the Board of Commissioners meeting.

Red light cameras have been around for two years in Kansas City.

Studies show that wrecks at red-light camera intersections are on the increase.

The only decrease is wrecks called right angle wrecks or "t-bones" that are most-likely from someone running the light.

At 11 of 17 red light camera intersections, crashes jumped 18 percent. Injury accidents rose 13 percent. Not the results the city was expecting.

The company renting the cameras to the city still sees the program as successful.

"It doesn't mean it didn't make them safer. You can look at the data and what red light cameras do are reduce red light runners. So let's look at those and the data, and although it's early, is clear, red light accidents signalized accidents are down, 65 percent," said Jason Norton with American Traffic Solutions.

There are 17 red light cameras that cost $76,000 a month.

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