Area crews prepare for winter snowstorm

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Kansas City Mayor Sly James is asking the public to stay home if at all possible on Tuesday with the approaching winter storm.

James said during a news conference on Monday one reason for his request is because it is easier to plow streets with fewer cars on the road

The mayor also asked the public to be prepared for this winter storm by making sure they have their medications and plenty of food.

He asked the public to also remember that pets need to be brought inside in these extreme temperatures. Failing to bring the pets indoors could be a violation of the city animal rights ordinance.

The Kansas City Missouri Emergency Operation Center will open at 7 a.m. on Tuesday, James announced.

"We will be able to track using GPS which city streets and neighborhood streets are being plowed and have been plowed,'" he explained.

The plowing begins at 7:30 a.m. Tuesday for main city streets and arteries, as well as residential streets will be plowed.

Part of the city's plan will include plowing the streets.

Residents are advised if they have to park on the street to do the following: on streets that run north/south, park vehicles on the west side of the street. On streets that run east/west, park vehicles on the north side of the street.

Cars parked on signed Emergency Snow Routes should be prepared to find alternate parking locations to avoid being ticketed and towed.

City employees are being asked to come to work on Tuesday; however they could be dismissed early.

The city bus system is scheduled to run on a normal schedule.

Mayor James concluded his briefing on Monday by reminding the public about the good deeds during the last winter storm last year. James said people were helping each other and he hopes those same good works will happen during this storm.

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