ASPCA, police train to spot dog fighting after Kansas City area raid

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Dog fighting is a secret underground sport that some claim is going on all over the Kansas City area. Now the ASPCA and KCPD officers are working together to learn how to spot signs of the cruelty.

Dog-fighting dogs are bred to kill. A home in Harrison County, Missouri had 47 of the animals, sparking a training session for local officers.

Police and the ASPCA seized the dogs in March. The dog fighting ring extended through Kansas City and down into Texas, and experts say it's happening all the time.

"I'd say every week, it's going on quite frequently," Terry Mills, the Director of the Bloodsport Division of the ASPCA, explained.

Mills used to be a police officer, but felt a calling to join the ASPCA.

"At some point it turned. It became a realization that that dog is put in a situation that it had no choice at all," he said.

Wednesday Mills taught law enforcement officers in the Kansas City area what to look for to spot dog fighting operations.

He showed items like an extension cord that was altered and used to kill dogs, and devices used to strengthen the animals' muscles along with steroids.

Mills explained dog fighting is going on in cities and towns and could be happening right next door. He called It a secretive subculture that is not seen by most people often breeds other problems as well.

"Dog fighters are often involved in other crimes.  A lot of times drugs or stealing. If they're a good dog fighter they make a lot of money. If they're not, they're going to get their money from somewhere," Mills said.

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