Auto theft investigators meet to deter thefts

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Auto theft investigators are packing Bartle Hall this week to talk about how thieves are stealing cars.

The International Association of Auto Theft Investigators is meeting in Kansas City to figure out ways to deter auto thefts. Glenn Ebersold is the regional chapter president.

"There have been a lot of advances in anti-theft deterrent systems in vehicles," Ebersold said. "What that really means is that the thief has gotten more sophisticated in how they steal them."

The organization focuses on auto theft prevention and education. Each year they hold a training seminar to discuss the new and old techniques used by criminals to steal cars.

"If a thief really wants your car they're going to find a way of getting it," Ebersold said. "The number one is the mid-1990's Hondas. They're easy to steal they don't have the transponder system and what we're seeing in the north central area and Midwest is a lot of people are stealing the Hondas for racing."

Ebersold encourages drivers to use layers of protection to prevent theft. Even if you have an anti-theft system on your vehicle, a steering wheel lock is not a bad idea.

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