Avid jogger offers safety tips following search for missing Liberty runner Chad Rogers

LIBERTY, Kan. - When Liberty, Mo., runner, Chad Rogers, disappeared this week, runners and running organizations posted his information on their Facebook pages and social media networks. Rogers left his home without his phone or any items of identification.

The search for Rogers has caused many people to reevaluate their safety precautions when running. 

Avid runner, D.J. Hilding, a sales associate at Garry Gribbles Running Sports in Overland Park, Kan., had tips for joggers.

"If you can't tell someone everyday where you are going to go, just give them a general outline of your favorite  routes, so if something does happen they will know the first few areas where you could be," Hilding explained.

He recommends runners carry their identification and a cannister of pepper spray.

"Make sure you are wearing bright colored clothing so people will see you," he added.

Running with a group in a familiar area is also high on his list of safety rules.

"There is strength in numbers," Hilding said. "And if an emergency occurs, there's someone with you at the same time who can get help."

Hilding also reminds customers and friends to be aware of the people around them while they are running.

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