Stats show black teens primary violators of Kansas City curfew

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Last weekend, Deena Blake was upset after her daughter and her friend were taken into custody by police on the Plaza as she circled the block waiting for them to get out of a movie.

Now, she's outraged.

"As far as night time.  Nobody in my family will be on the Plaza," Blake said.

Blake suspected the girls were targeted by police because they were young, white teens. She believe the police department's report proves that.

"One hundred percent of the citations were issued to black kids and when it came out that that was occurring, they were feeling pressure to find white kids and issue citations and my daughter and her friend fell into that trap," she said.

According the report issued by the Kansas City Police Department, this year, only two white teens have been cited for curfew violation in the city's entertainment district.

Those citations were issued last weekend to Blake's daughter and her friend.

"The numbers are what they are. There's a curfew it's enforced across the board.  We don't really have much control over who is in violation," Kansas City Council Woman Jan Marcason said.

Marcason represents the 4th district and says race is not a factor when it comes to curfews, safety is their top priority.

She encourages parents to accompany their children if they want to hang out on the Plaza at night.

"The parents need to understand how the curfew works and it seems pretty straight forward," Marcason said.

Kansas City police released the numbers of teenagers cited for violating Kansas City's citywide and entertainment district curfews.

41 Action News requested the numbers after several young people were detained outside a movie theater on the Country Club Plaza last Saturday. Two area teens reported being taken into custody after leaving the movie theater.

According to the report, 43 people under the age of 18 were found in violation of the curfew from January of 2013 through July 9. Of those, 33 were black and 10 were white; 28 were boys and 15 were girls.

The city's 9 p.m. entertainment district curfew is currently in place in five areas: the Country Club Plaza, Westport, the Power and Light District, the Historic Jazz District near 18th and Vine, and Zona Rosa.

41 Action News will have more on these numbers and curfew violations tonight in our newscasts.

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