Boston capture doesn't change security plans for Kansas Speedway, Garmin Marathon

OLATHE, Kan. - Despite the arrest of the second Boston terrorist suspect, security at two of Kansas City's major weekend events won't change.

Security at the Kansas Speedway was increased to help keep safe the 90,000 fans expected for Sunday's race.

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Dave Phillips came in from Minnesota and said he appreciated the added officers.

"They had a great setup. We pulled in, they ran the dogs around our machines, looked in and let us come down," Phillips said. "I was kind of glad to see it, and I'm not worried a bit."

Twenty miles south of the speedway, preparations for another race are underway. The Garmin Marathon in Olathe will have a crowd of nearly 10,000 people for Saturday morning's race.

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Police have been working all week to make sure the event remains safe.

"This is an ongoing process," Olathe Police Sgt. Bryan Hill said. "We have an in depth action plan in place, and we're currently reviewing that so that it's current, appropriate and that everyone is going to be safe."

Runners and race fans are encouraged to remain vigilant. Many said they still have Boston on their mind. In fact at Saturday's race in Olathe will begin with a moment of silence in remembrance of that city's loss and its resolve.

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