Boulevard joins forces with Belgium-based brewer

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Boulevard Brewing Company announced Thursday the company would be combining with beer company Duvel Moortgat USA in a "long-term partnership."

Boulevard's founder John McDonald sold the majority of its stake to Duvel earlier this week.

"The Moortgat family will maintain their existing ownership structure in Europe, while John McDonald, founder of Boulevard Brewing Company, will be an important partner in the new US-based company," the news release read.

Duvel is an independent craft brewer based in Belgium with products including Duvel, Chouffe and Liefmans beers. The U.S. operation is based out of Duvel's specialty beer import company in Cooperstown, NY.

McDonald started Boulevard 25 years ago and said he has been working out the deal with Duvel for the past four months.

While Boulevard has been touted as one of the largest craft brewers in the Midwest, McDonald's vision all along has was to keep expanding the business.

"Even though we sell a lot of beer in Kansas City, we're still a relatively small brewer in the world picture so this gives us some synergy there to expand our business," McDonald said.

McDonald said that he will remain closely involved with continuing stake in the company. He also will sit on the brewery's board.

"Ultimately, I am determined to make Kansas City even more proud of its hometown brewery," he said in a letter on the brewery's website.

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