Cars remain in Terminal A parking lot

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - As Kansas City International Airport closed earlier this week, the signs of travelers past still remain—including their cars in the terminal parking lot.

On Wednesday there were almost 300. On Friday morning, there were about 120.

The Terminal A parking lot is still technically open, just closed to anyone who tries to come in.

Manager of Parking Services Katy Sell checked and all the cars left have been here less than 30 days.

"After about four or five days I imagine the majority of those cars will be gone," Sell said. "We do license plate inventory every night in all of our lots."

There are times cars haven't moved for months and at least one time even longer.

"In the economy lot we had a car parked there a little over a year, about 13 months and they paid the total bill about $2,770," Sell said.

Once a car is flagged for being parked for more than 30 days, a letter goes out and that's when the excuses start coming in.

"We have a lot of crazy reasons... people get divorced and they want to hide their assets from family members, I've had passengers pass away on their trips, I've had military people leave their vehicles here and they'll notify us and tell us not to tow it," Sell said.

Until all the cars are gone, one cashier will remain stationed 24 hours a day.

"Hopefully that person likes to read," she said.

KCI expects all these cars to be gone by the end of the month.

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