Chouteau Apartments to be torn down

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Chouteau Courts Apartments on Independence Avenue near Paseo in Kansas City, Mo., are the oldest public housing apartments in the metro.  They were built in the 50's and housing officials want to relocate residents and sell or tear down the 135 apartments.

The Kansas City Housing Authority is applying for one of three $30 million federal loans.

"We would use the money to relocate residents at Chateau Courts to alternative housing in northeast Kansas City," Executive Director of the Housing Authority of Kansas City Edwin Lowndes said.

"We would also use that money to revitalize the neighborhoods where residents are placed," he added.

He said the Chouteau Courts apartments are old and it would cost too much money to make improvements. Lowndes also said the apartments are isolated and surrounded by highways and an industrial area.

According to Lowndes, relocating residents will help put them closer to jobs and community services

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