City helps Kansas City neighborhoods grapple graffiti problem

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Northeast Kansas City, Mo., neighborhoods like Indian Mound have the tools to battle graffiti but not the volunteers.

Kathy Munoz dreads pulling into her own driveway.

"Every day when I come home from work I'm thinking is it my turn to be tagged," she said.

The northeast resident of 25 years says her neighbor's garage door has to be constantly repainted because of graffiti.

"Why do we have to put up with this? It is a shame," she said.

Katie Greer fights to keep the Indian Mound neighborhood clean, but says it's about much more than washing walls.

"Sometimes it can take four, six, eight, 12 hours of manpower time to really address the graffiti," Greer said, "We need a lot more than just equipment."

The neighborhood association owns the power washer and chemicals to clean the graffiti and even a trained volunteer to use them. But getting to that point is the hard part.

Often-absent landlords can't be found to sign necessary waivers. Some live not just out of the neighborhood, but out of the country.

Power washers can damage buildings.

"What's going to stop it from coming back?" said Greer

She wants additional tools like better lighting to help combat graffiti.

The fight continues unarmed and in need of volunteers to track down permission and plans to keep these buildings clean.

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