Kansas City launches new bike sharing program for downtown

KANSAS City, Mo. - Kansas City officials gave 41 Action News a sneak peek at the newest way they're trying to get people around town.

The city is launching a bike sharing program. It's exactly how it sounds: If you don't have a bike, you can rent one to use around the downtown area. You unlock a bike with a swipe of your membership card, ride it around, and then return it to a bike kiosk when you're done.

The city hopes to add more for All Star weekend.

"I think the timing is perfect. We're going to have thousands of visitors in Kansas City for the first time and really getting a feel for all the great things we have going on," said Kansas City Council Member Scott Taylor.

Right now, the city is focusing on the Riverfront to Crown Center from the west side to 18th and Vine for the bike stations.

Tax payers are not paying for this initiative. Taylor tells us it's a private/public partnership where private donations are paying for the bike sharing stations.

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