City's 311 line open to report snow-covered sidewalks

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Three days after the season's biggest winter storm, Kansas City's sidewalk snow ordinance is in full effect.

Starting Friday, the city's 311 call center will begin to report complaints of property owners who haven't shoveled the snow off of their sidewalks.

Owners will first receive a warning letter. They'll have 48 hours to abate until a city inspector returns to check the property.

The owner could face a $25-$100 fine if the sidewalk hasn't been cleared.

More than 100 property owners have received a warning letter since January 2013; however, so far no one has been fined.

"Snows like knee deep and a lot of us we fall, sometimes people get stuck," one man said, whose trip to the pharmacy on 39th and Main Street turned into an hour and a half of slips and falls.

"People panic," Tracy Rue said, who works as a customer service representative for the city's call center, "people out of work, people can't get to work."

If an owner is fined, a judge determines how much they will have to pay.

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