Congressman Emanuel Cleaver: 'I'd vote no today on Syria'

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - As President Obama seeks authorization from Congress for a military strike against Syria, United States Congressman Emanuel Cleaver told 41 Action News live on Sunday why his vote is "no" for now.

"I'm not sure that it makes senses for us to engage in Syria primarily because we're ignorant in the Middle East," he said. "We make dumb decisions. We supported the ouster of the President of Egypt only to see the military ultimately take over. We supported Saddam Hussein. We have a long list of making ignorant decision about who we support."

Secretary of State John Kerry told NBC news on Sunday of new evidence that sarin gas had been used in attacks on the Syrian people.

President Obama said chemical attacks came from the Syrian government.

"How do we send a message around the world that we've had atrocities? Is our anger only when its chemicals?" Congressman Cleaver answered after being asked if the U.S. could afford to not send a message and allow chemical attacks to go unanswered.

Watch the entire interview as well as a reaction from Representative Kevin Yoder above.

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