Closed Blue Springs daycare has history of problems

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The Blue Springs daycare that closed this week has a troubled past.

The mother, who recently filed a complaint against Mary's Little Lambs, isn't the first.

Back in 1994, formal complaint documents show a toddler wondered off during a field trip to the park. The toddler ended up at Zarda BBQ. Another child had to bring the toddler back. Owner Mary Douglas, who was there with nine children under the age of eight, never knew the child was missing. Douglas agreed to take an assistant next time. 

In 2001, a parent accused Douglas of smacking a child on the mouth. Douglas admitted she 'tapped him' as a means of discipline. Authorities ordered Douglas to take additional discipline training.

Then, in 2002, Douglas admitted while she was inside changing a child's diaper, an unsupervised 3-year-old, who was outside, tied a dog leash around another child's neck until that child started crying. Douglas agreed to not leave children unattended.

And in 2006, inspectors came unannounced to find Douglas caring for thirteen children, which exceeded the ten she was allowed to watch. Douglas had 'dis-enrolled' three children by the time inspectors returned.

Douglas had her license revoked this week after a mother found her 17-month-old's face red and swollen. He had apparently hit his head on kitchen cabinets while struggling to get out of time-out. Douglas had him pinned in the corner.


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