Cold weather doesn't stop runners at Kickoff 5K

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - With temperatures only reaching the upper 20s, it was a rather cold day for a run.

But fortunately, these runners are tough. They made their way out to Arrowhead Stadium for the Kickoff 5K.

"Half my body is numb and half of my body is sweaty, so I think it kind of balances out everything,' joked runner Rachelle Leonard.

Leonard was just one of the hundreds of runners who came out to support the event, which benefits First Downs for Down syndrome. The Kansas City Chiefs partner with the group to benefit Downs syndrome organizations and provide awareness.

And in honor of Super Bowl XLVIII, runners dressed up to support their favorite teams. (Sadly, the Chiefs are not in the Super Bowl this year, but that didn't stop fans from wearing their red!)

Along with the 5K, runners could also participate in a timed, combine-style 40-yard dash presented by Boost Physical Therapy and Sports Performance.


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