Country Singer Vince Gill confronts Westboro Baptist Church outside of Kauffman Center

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Country singer Vince Gill confronted the Westboro Baptist Church before his performance last Sunday in Kansas City.

Church members were protesting outside the Kauffman Center where Gill was performing.

When Gill came out, his wife, Amy Grant came up as the topic of conversation.

In a video uploaded to YouTube, Gill and the protestors exchanged words about his relationship with Grant, accusing the two of being "adulterers."

"You are lucky you don't have a sign that says something about my wife," Gill said in the video.

Warning: Video is NSFW (not safe for work) and contains expletives.

Grant's marriage to Gill is her second marriage.

According to CMT, the couple has been married for the past 13 years.

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