Couple pleads for information after hit-and-run driver kills their horse

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A Kansas City couple wants to know who killed their horse while driving Sunday night.

Dawn and Craig Dudley ride their horses down Blue Parkway all the time and have done so for years. But a driver changed all that less than a mile from their home.

Craig bought Dawn "Major" the horse as a Mother's Day gift.

"I always had a love for them and I see how much joy they bring people when you come around and you just get a lot of enjoyment and relaxation out of it," Craig said.

But Major died on the side of Blue Parkway Sunday night.

"I can't look at our saddles and all that and know our horse is not here," Dawn said.

Dawn was thrown off Major when a driver sideswiped her husband then plowed into her and Major.

"I didn't know of course until I was in the emergency room that my horse was dead on impact. He basically left us both for dead on the side of the road and kept going," Dawn said.

Now, they want to know who killed their horse.

"You just never expected something like this to happen, come out of nowhere, just wipe you, your horse out. Just keep on driving. Didn't check to see if we were okay or anything," Craig said.

"I want them to come forward. You know you hit people…you killed my family," Dawn pleaded.

Family members helped pick up broken pieces of the car. They're sure that will help find who did this.

"Someone knows someone with a black car that's obviously a black car that was intact one minute and the next minute it's cracked to pieces," Dawn said.

If you have any information you're asked to call Kansas City Police.

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