Death of Jessica Ridgeway a painful reminder of 1999 Pam Butler killing

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The case of missing, and now confirmed killed, Jessica Ridgeway has served as a reminder for a local mother of the similar tragedy she endured 13 years ago.

Cherri West laid autumn flowers on her daughter's grave site Friday afternoon. October 12 marks the 13th anniversary of her daughter Pamela Butler's disappearance.

Butler was just 10-years-old when she was snatched from her home while roller skating with friends. It took police three days to find her body.

The pain of losing her daughter has West following the disappearance of Jessica Ridgeway very closely.

"That's every parents dream to have a child come back home safe, but I understand what they're going through," said West.

Pamela Butler's killer was sentenced to death. He's still awaiting execution.

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