Did Mission KS Police Officers go too far when arresting an Overland Park woman?

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - An Overland Park woman is fighting to clear her name after she was arrested for disorderly conduct and obstruction last March.

Video of her arrest back on March 16 was caught on the dashcam of one of the arresting Mission Police officer's car.

The woman believes this video is the proof she needs to fight the charges against her. Her husband posted it online as the first step in holding the officers accountable.

Before officers were called out on March 16 to the Mission Kansas Post Office on Broadmoor Catrina Engle arrived here to mail packages for her husband. She says the main lobby was closed so she used the automatic shipping kiosk, but tried to ask an employee behind the glass for help because her husband had wrong information printed on the packages she mailed.

"I guess she isn't going to help me out, so I called him and I'm kinda yelling at him on the phone. The babies are running back and forth through the lobby. There's no one else there to disturb, but then they start pushing the handicap button, running out the front door and going and grabbing little pebbles out of the rock garden and they went and dropped them in the mail slot," said Engle.

She says her bored kids took pebbles and put them in the mail slot. A post office employee called police. According to a one page police report we received it states Officer Michelle Pierce was the first officer to respond.

"And out of nowhere she just starts walking towards me, grabs my arm, twists it around and starts putting me in handcuffs."

About 15 minutes into the video officer pierce puts on gloves for another search.

"Had already looked through my purse, my vehicle, now a cavity search? I felt completely degraded," said Engle. "I think they stepped over the line and I think they should be held accountable just like we are."

A Mission Police Spokesperson tells us over the phone the department won't comment on this because it's still an open investigation.

Her family has posted the video to YouTube and can be found here.

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