Digital Detox: One week of no cell phone, no computer, no facebook

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Hayley Woods is a stay-at-home mom who checks Facebook at least 25-30 times a day. She chats over text messages with all her friends, and looks up directions to just about everywhere -- on her phone.

She does not know most numbers by heart because, after all, the numbers are in her cell phone.

But Hayley is giving it all up for one week for the 41 Action News Digital Detox.

One week with nothing digital. One week with no cell phone, no laptop, no email and no Facebook.

For her, it's like stepping back in time 15 years. That's when she got her first cell phone.

But then, she wasn't a mom of two little ones, who relied on her cell phone to, among other things, keep her kids entertained while in the car or at dinner.

They also will not have access to mom's phone for a week.

Hayley is keeping a handwritten journal, which we'll scan to throughout the week.

What will her biggest challenge be? What will be the most rewarding? Will she learn to actually get back to living in the moment instead of trying to capture the moment for Facebook?

We'll also get pictures to share.

41 Action News Anchor Christa Dubill will also do a digital detox, although hers will be scaled down. She is giving up all social media for the same time period.

One of Christa's followers tweeted:

Kansas City Queen of social media going cold turkey, huh? Say it ain't so Joe! LOL

Another of Christa's followers was inspired to do her own digital detox. She's now off Facebook for Lent:

Will do. Your idea inspired me. I would surf FB at work, stop lights, dinners. 5+ years addicted

You can follow updates on Christa at, too.

We'll scan in handwritten notes from Christa, and post pictures of her digital detox journey.

In Christa's absence, @41ActionNews is her Social Media Surrogate. Check 41 Action News' Facebook at and twitter at for news updates.

While Christa cannot post on Facebook, or even check it this week, people are still leaving her notes which she'll read when she returns. You can follow Christa at and

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