DNA and cell phone experts testify in Raytown quadruple murder trial

INDEPENDENCE, Missouri - A lesson in cell phone tower technology and DNA; That's what jurors received on day five of the Gevante Anderson quadruple murder trial.  Experts testified that Anderson's DNA was not found at crime scene or on the victims.

A cell phone expert told jurors that a call was made near the crime scene from Gary Anderson's cell phone. Gary Anderson is Gevante Anderson's father.

A criminologist with the Kansas City Crime Lab also testified on Friday. The criminologist showed jurors dozens of pictures of items recovered from the crime scene, Gevante Anderson's home and from his grandfather's vehicle. The vehicle the prosecution believes Anderson drove the night of the murders. 

The victims' DNA was not found in the vehicle allegedly used in the crime.

The criminologist, Kevin Winer, is expected to be on the stand for most of the day for his direct and cross examination by the defense attorney.

Anderson is charged in the March 2009, quadruple murder in Raytown. The victims included Precious Triplett, 21, the mother of Gevante's toddler son, Davon Anderson.  The other victims were Triplett's boyfriend Andre Jones and her two nephews Amir Clemons, 10, and Gerard Clemons, 7.

The only person who survived the early morning massacre was Gevante's toddler son, Davon Anderson.

The prosecution is expected to rest it's case on Monday afternoon, that's when the defense will take over, in their effort to provide reasonable doubt for jurors.

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