Children's Mercy doctor creates video on how to spot child abuse

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Two weeks after three-month-old Stephon McCoy died, court documents outline horrific injuries that a Children's Mercy doctor said came from the child being violently shaken. 

On Wednesday, prosecutors charged Sonya Perry with Stephon's murder.

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Dr. James Anderst, with Children's Mercy, said it isn't unusual to see abuse like Stephon's weekly. It is one of the reasons he helped create a video series and smart phone app so first responders could better spot child abuse.

You can find a link and more information about the video by clicking here.

The realistic but disturbing animations show different injuries, and whether they could have happened accidentally or by abuse. It is used across the country by police officers, lawyers, paramedics and others to better evaluate situations when they don't have significant medical training.

"What it can do is allow them to handle the medical information better, and also allow them to ask better questions of families and potential suspects and have a better chance of getting to the ultimate truth in these cases," Anderst said.

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