Dogs rescued from fighting ring given a fighting chance

INDEPENDENCE, Mo. - After being rescued in one of the largest dog fighting busts in history, Pit Bulls Samaya and Honey are recovering at a local shelter.

In March, 78 dogs were seized in during a dog fighting raid that spanned Missouri, Kansas and Texas.

Many of the dogs were weighed down with weights and forced to run on a treadmill for hours, according to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals or ASPCA.

Currently, both Samaya who's an adult and Honey who's a puppy, are under the care of the Missouri Pit Bull Rescue and have made significant progress, according to shelter volunteer Stephanie Pugh.

"That's why a lot of people love this breed," Pugh said. "It's because their trust and loyalty to humans is unbreakable. No matter what humans do to them, they still will give them another chance."

More than half of the dogs from the dog fighting ring have been placed in a shelter or foster home, but ASPCA Vice President Tim Rickey says some may never recover.

"What many people don't think about are the long lasting ramifications," Rickey said. "The sad reality of it is sometimes they are not safe to place into homes, and sometimes it's not the most humane thing for them."

Pugh says Samaya is ready for adoption, and so will Honey once she's a little older. Still, Pugh says the shelter screens potential owners heavily with hopes of finding the perfect match.

"They can potentially show dog aggression in the future, even if they're dog friendly as puppies," Pugh said. "We need people to adopt these dogs that can understand and respect that about them."

Rickey says dog fighting continues to be a major problem across the country. He said the raid the rescued Samaya and Honey was a result of someone reporting suspicious behavior. He hopes people continue to come forward with information, so other animals can be saved.

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