Father of missing Harrisonville children devastated

HARRISONVILLE, Mo. - Jamie Davis, the father of three missing children from Harrisonville, Mo., is devastated his three children are missing. He believes his ex-wife took the kids.

"I don't know anyone else who would just come in and take them," Davis said.

Jordan Davis, 15, his 14-year-old brother Jasper and 11-year-old sister Tabitha have been missing since last Friday. They were home alone and when the dad returned, the kids were gone.

Davis said he was awarded custody because his ex-wife is unstable.

"The kids have not seen their mom for three years and I know they want to see her," Davis said. 

Sherri Lynn Davis, also known as Sherri Lynn O'Neil, is the biological mother. 

Davis said he has always been willing to allow his ex-wife to see the kids but they haven't been able to reach an agreement.

"I would tell my kids right now to be strong, I love them and I want them to come home and that God is with them, be strong," Davis said.

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