Fill the Fridge: Number of hungry in KC is staggering

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The number of people in Kansas City who aren't sure if they'll have enough food might surprise you.

According to Harvesters, and the extensive data it uses to determine need, as you read this there are 262,520 people in the Kansas City metro area who worry about food. That's enough to fill Arrowhead Stadium, not once, not twice, but three and a half times. More than 85,000 of those with food insecurity are children.

The number of food-insecure kids in Kansas City, broken down by county:

  •        Jackson County - 36,630
  •        Johnson County - 23,920
  •        Wyandotte County - 11,300
  •        Cass County - 5,320
  •        Platte County - 3,940
  •        Douglas County - 4,010

This is why we hope you'll help us Fill the Fridge. From Sept. 2-6, you can participate in this perishable food drive at your local Price Chopper with 41 Action News and Harvesters. For more information, visit

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